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Turn that frown upside down!

A natural part of aging, wrinkles give your face character – and those laugh lines around your mouth and eyes show just how much you enjoy life.

But if you feel like those fine lines are a bit more visible than you’d like them to be, don’t fret.  Because at Ecobeautica Wellness Center, we’ve got a host of therapeutic treatments to offer you.

A rejuvenating facial is always a terrific place to start … and a Microcurrent Lift may be just what the aesthetician ordered!  Using a low electricity level that emulates the body’s natural electrical currents, microcurrent treatments effectively life, sculpt, tighten and tone facial muscles.  Not only does your skin feel wonderfully smooth, hydrated and refreshed – you’ll also notice a marked improvement in those pesky fine lines.


It’s one thing to have acne on your face.  But when those annoying pustules and clogged pores start popping up on your back, it takes discomfort and embarrassment to an entirely different level.

Summer’s here … which means revealing bathing suits and low-cut or strapless tops.  Which is all fine and good if you’re not bothered by bacne.  But if you are, the trained aestheticians at Ecobeautica Wellness Center have your back – literally.  They’ll conduct a thorough examination of your skin and will most likely recommend a Back Clarifying Treatment.

This comprehensive detoxifying process starts with a deep cleansing and then includes toning, exfoliating, extraction and treatment as needed based on your unique skin needs



While there are many things you talk about at dinner parties, odds are that skin tags or moles aren’t among them.

But abnormal or suspicious-looking pieces of skin are nothing to take lightly.  Far from it – because while different colored, sore or lumpy areas of the skin can be nothing to worry about, they can also be harmful or potentially even cancerous.

That’s why it’s critical to have them looked at as soon as you spot them.  At Ecobeautica Wellness Center, their experienced technicians are trained in identifying areas of concern – and recommending the appropriate procedures to address them.  Typically, this will start with a skin biopsy to determine exactly what you’re dealing with, followed by Skin Lesion Removal customized to your unique situation.



Acne, oily skin, blackheads and clogged pores – the quadfecta of troubled skin that you’ve been probably dealing with for far too long.

An equal opportunity offender, acne plagues people of all ages, shapes and sizes.  No longer just the bane of pubescent youths, it indiscriminately affects babies through middle-aged adults.  By now, you’re probably tired of looking at those unsightly pimples, pustules and scars – and more than ready to do something about them.

Why not try an Acne Facial at Ecobeautica Wellness Center?  This customized treatment zaps away zits while gently nourishing the rest of the skin.  After performing minimal extractions, your personal aesthetician will apply special serums that will help blemishes disappear, followed by an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial mask to reduce redness and irritation.  Your skin will feel less oily – and will look much better.



Imagine if you could wave a wand and age spots, sun damage and blotchiness would magically disappear.

Now we’re not promising that – but microdermabrasion does have a trick or two up its sleeve when it comes to minimizing these skin ailments.

One of the most easy, safe and effective non-surgical cosmetic procedures for anti-aging, microdermabrasion sloughs off the superficial layer of dead cells using diamond flakes, and then removes those dry, listless flakes with a gentle vacuum suction.

Poof! The cellular debris is gone that can clog follicles and cause infection …. hyperpigmentation (age spots) and sun damage are reduced … coarsely textured skin is smoothened and evened out … and dull skin is polished away.  Your skin looks positively radiant and youthful.



Summer’s here … and you want to put your best face forward.

But it’s hard to be your most confident self if your skin looks blotchy, uneven, dry, rough or tired.  Or if you’ve got pesky acne scars that you just can’t seem to cover up, no matter what you do.

No one wants to look any older than they are.  So maybe it’s time to invigorate your complexion – and put a little spring in your step – with a safe, non-invasive and rejuvenating chemical peel.

Under the skilled hands of your personal Ecobeautica Wellness Center technician, this popular service involves applying custom blends of topical treatments to remove dull, damaged skin cells and reveal the lustrous, new skin beneath.  Dry skin will feel smoother … age spots and freckles will lighten … and you won’t believe just how soft and young your complexion will look and feel.



If your complexion is feeling a bit dry, you’d head right to a medical day spa like Ecobeautica Wellness Center for a nourishing facial.

Why not do the same for your rough, parched arms and legs?

Maybe a facial’s not the solution for those parts of the body – but an emollient-rich Aromatherapy Massage sure might be!  This refreshing, rejuvenating treatment uses a variety of 100% organic essential plant oils and flowers to lift your spirits and nourish your skin.

Taking personalization one step further, your trained aesthetician will customize those aromas based on the type of experience you’d like.  Soothing?  You’ve got it.  Invigorating or balancing?  Got you covered there too.  It’s the ultimate mind-body experience.