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Progesterone Replacement Therapy

What is Progesterone?

Progesterone is a hormone that works hand in hand with estrogen to keep the female body balanced.  However, as a woman ages and the body prepares for menopause, progesterone is the first hormone to decline ( along with testosterone ).  It often kicks the body out of balance and allows estrogen to become dominant, creating another whole set of problems.  

The relationship between estrogen and progesterone resembles Batman and Robin.  If Robin suddenly disappeared, his partner would not be able to handle fighting all of the crime by himself.  In the case of declining progesterone, the solo estrogen not only has trouble ?fighting crime,? but also it can cause estrogen dominance in the body, which can be very risky.    

Symptoms that Might Require Progesterone Replacement Therapy

When progesterone decreases, there are a plethora of negative effects that increase simultaneously.  Women often experience more intense bouts of PMS.  The consequences from this alone can be disastrous?anemia, iron loss, family tension from increased mood swings.  

There are also other symptoms that may suggest progesterone is declining:

Causes of Low Progesterone Levels

Menopause and chronic stress are the two most common causes that drag progesterone levels down.  When a woman begins to experience menopausal symptoms, she may still be menstruating.  This stage is called perimenopause.  Progesterone is the first hormone to decline, rocking the body out of balance.  

Chronic stress can also cause progesterone to sink to low levels.  When the body gets stressed, it creates more of the hormone called cortisol to deal with the stress.  Progesterone is actually the precursor to cortisol.  When the supply of cortisol becomes exhausted from constant production, the progesterone levels have to decrease as well.

Solutions Progesterone Replacement Therapy Offers

Our progesterone replacement therapy program measures and tracks the balance of hormones to detect how much progesterone needs to be replaced.  We then continually monitor your body?s progress to decide if the body needs more or less to be balanced.  Progesterone can be given in two forms: pills or cream.  Together, we will decide which form is best for you depending on the goals you want to achieve.

By coming in for an appointment around the 21st day of your menstrual cycle, we can get an accurate reading of the hormones in your blood.  If the balance of hormones favors estrogen, that lets us know that the progesterone has given up its spot as ?sidekick.?  This is when it may be time to consider natural hormone replacement therapy.

Benefits of Progesterone Replacement Therapy

Progesterone works as a GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is what gives us a feeling of well-being.  It works the same way as anti anxiety drugs and alcohol.  So not only will your body respond to the hormonal balance that can come back to order, but it is likely you will experience a happy disposition as well!  

If you are replacing the progesterone before menopause kicks in fully, progesterone support can also reward you with great benefits.  At this stage, you most likely won?t have the full array of menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, severe PMS, or the dangerous risks of heart disease, cancer or osteoporosis.  That?s why it is vital to replace the progesterone that has declined as soon as possible.  With progesterone support, you might be more likely to avoid the life-threatening conditions that accompany menopause and extend the balanced happiness of your life!

Why Sergey Kalitenko MD?

Sergey Kalitenko MD is licensed in New York State and certified by the Board of Internal Medicine. He specializes in looking for the root cause of your problem. He addresses the underlying cause instead of just taking care of your symptoms, so you feel more like yourself again.

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