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Submitted by sergey on Sat, 12/03/2016 - 05:35

I went to Dr. Kalitenko's office for vitamin therapy. I had been feeling very sluggish and my skin just looked dry and broken. I must say that my experience was excellent! He knows his stuff and doesnt mind a million questions. He is very kind and charming. I have no problems with my insurance because I currently dont have any. So i havent been getting suprise charges, I know what I   am responsible for. 

I was nervous at first cause I hate shots but he reasurred me so much that I never feel the needle when it goes in. I get the Myers cocktail shot and magnesium along with Glutathione. I have really been seeing the results. I have a lot more engery, my bowel movements are finally regular and my skin looks great! My co-workers ask how do i make my face glow (which Glutathione will do) and I use no makeup (b/c of sensitive skin). Overall a great experience, i really recommend vitamim treatmemt, do your research first and see what you need.

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