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A catastrophic event determined the course of Sergey Kalitenko?s life. His dearly loved grandmother became terminally ill with leukemia when he was a very young man. He was desperate to save her, and couldn?t. But he realized he could make a difference in other people?s lives, and became determined to become a doctor. He went to medical school and graduated with a medical degree from Donetsk Medical Institute in Ukraine at age 21.  At age 27, Dr. Kalitenko became Head of the Hyperbaric Oxygenation Department of the Donetsk Clinical Hospital in Donetsk, Ukraine.  

Upon moving to the United States, Dr. Kalitenko finished his medical residency at Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, was Board Certified in Internal Medicine, and became a staff physician at a teaching hospital to care for in patients and out patients. He heard many stories from patients about the failings of traditional medicine. Many felt they weren?t treated as people, but as a collection of symptoms. And doctors didn?t always bother to find the cause of those symptoms. They just dashed off a prescription for pills, and sent patients on their way.

It was his own sudden illness that revealed the benefits of holistic medicine to Dr. Kalitenko. In his 40s, while working two jobs, he began to experience shortness of breath, chest pains and other serious symptoms. The diagnosis: heart problems. Traditional medicine treated the symptoms, but didn?t get to the real cause of his problems. To Dr. Kalitenko, it was like opening a window in a smoky room to let the smoke out, without finding out why the room was filling with smoke. He felt the frustration that so many patients feel with traditional medicine?he wanted to put out the fire, and doctors weren?t looking for the flames! One thing he was sure of--pills weren?t the answer. His frustration grew. Then a friend introduced him to holistic, functional and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Kalitenko began to apply those ideas to his own health management. He experienced a remarkable recovery.

Dr. Kalitenko opened his private practice in 2001 while continuing with his hospital duties. His successful practice is based on the principles of holistic, functional and anti-aging medicine that he studied as a result of his own illness. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a keystone of his practice.

He is firmly committed to finding natural solutions to health problems?and his first step is to use his expert diagnostic skills to get to the root of the problem. He will do all he can so his patients don?t have to go through the trauma he faced as a heart patient dealing with traditional medicine.

Dr. Kalitenko?s philosophy is that of wellness, not illness. After his experience with holistic healing for his own health, he now lives to help his patients get their lives back. Here?s just one example of how he does it?


Dr. K?s way: looking beyond the obvious

Dr. Kalitenko woke up at sunrise, thinking about a new patient. A young single mother, she was suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and depression that seemed to come from nowhere. Her primary care doctor said there was nothing wrong, and suggested she see a psychiatrist, who gave her pills that made her feel drugged, not better. Through his morning routine?meditation, a healthy, natural breakfast ? Dr. Kalitenko thought about the young woman who seemed to be heading toward real trouble. He knew he had to look deeper than traditional medicine practitioners had. He had to change her life.

Upon arriving at his office, Dr. Kalitenko studied her medical charts, lab results and records. He thought about other patients with similar symptoms that he?d seen in the hospital over the years. Maybe other doctors had missed something with this woman?or worse, dismissed something. He studied her extensive file some more. And then it hit him. One more test needed to be done. He called her immediately, and had her come in to the office. He performed one test, and found the answer. She was suffering from a chronic inflammation of the gut, which caused a hormone and neurotransmitter imbalance?which led to her symptoms of anxiety, fatigue and depression. Her illness wasn?t all in her head, as traditional medicine told her--it was all in her belly!  With Dr. Kalitenko?s treatment of the Inflammation, she quickly recovered?and got her life back.


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