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If you drink excessively or are suffering from alcoholism, the following supplements may provide the support you need:



Omega 3 fatty acids Glutamine


ECOBEAUTICA BCAA POWDER WITH L-GLUTAMINE BY DESIGNS FOR HEALTH. If you’re trying to cut back on your drinking, this amino-acid dense product can help support substance withdrawal in a healthy way.  Branched-chain amino acids combined with the L-glutamine amino acid help support the immune system and build and maintain muscle tissue – both of which can help as your body recovers from alcohol intake.


MAGNESIUM ASSIST SUPPLEMENT. If a night of drinking leaves you with a heavy head, a dose of magnesium may be just what the doctor ordered.  Along with providing support for constipation, digestive issues and heart problems, this highly absorbable Magnesium bisglycinate chelate-packed dietary supplement helps with headaches and bloating.


ECOBEAUTICA MAGNEGELTRANSDERMAL MAGNESIUM GEL BY DESIGNS FOR HEALTH. If you’re suffering from a morning-after headache, a dose of magnesium may provide some much-wanted relief.  And there’s no easier way to get it than via our handy transdermal magnesium gel - a pure, 100% natural and topical solution of magnesium chloride that comes straight from the ancient Zechnstein Seabed in Europe.  An old remedy … that provides modern-day support.

B vitamins

VITAMIN B SUPPLEMENT.  This concentrated vitamin B supplement includes readily available vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 along with NatureFolate to boost levels of these key water-soluble nutrients.  Zinc not only supports a healthy metabolism and proper enzymatic function, it can also help those suffering from alcohol withdrawal.


ECOBEAUTICA VITAMIN B-6 LIQUID 4 OZ BY DESIGNS FOR HEALTH. Featuring a natural raspberry flavor and made with non-GMO ingredients, this handy form of vitamin B-6 is ideal for those who need higher doses of this often-lacking vitamin – or an additional boost after a few too many drinks.


Vitamin C

Amino acids

Carnitine A

Vitamin A


ECOBEAUTICA ZINC CHALLENGE 8 FL OZ (237 ML BY DESIGNS FOR HEALTHSpecifically designed to be easy to ingest in a convenient liquid form, this dietary supplement can help increase the body’s level of this important mineral. For those who drink alcohol, zinc can help with migraine headaches, diarrhea and other drinking-related conditions.


ZINC MEGA SUPPLEMENT.  If you consume alcohol on a regular basis, chances are your immune system could use a little bolstering.  Zinc can help with that – and can also support metabolism, brain and central nervous system functioning, and a whole host of other critical bodily functions