Skin Lesion Removal in Brooklyn, NYC

What is a Skin Lesion?

A skin lesion is any growth on the skin that looks different or abnormal when compared the skin that surrounds it. These growths can immediately cause panic and worry. Ecobeautica understands what beauty and health means to people. It can be in shape of a different colored, sore or lumped area of the skin. In this case, skin lesion removal, as well as skin lesion biopsy is the treatment to go for.

How are skin lesions removed?

Skin lesion removals are conducted when there is an abnormal or suspicious piece of skin that may lead to significant illness. Mole removal is also included in this procedure. Understanding the importance of this issue, our experts and state of the art technology present in our premises provide this treatment to our clients. We understand the complexity of skin lesion removals and believe we are the right professionals in Brooklyn to perform these procedures.

How is a Skin Biopsy Performed?

There are several ways to perform a skin biopsy. Depending on the type, intensity, size and location of the lesion, there are different types of procedures and methods that could be involved. For your understanding, types of skin lesion biopsies are described below:

Shave Lesion

Shave lesion is the least invasive technique. With the help of a small blade, our experts carefully remove the skin’s outermost layers. All or few parts of the lesion are included. No stitches are required after this method.

Punch Lesion

Punch biopsy is used for deep skin lesions. With the help of a skin punch tool, piece of the skin is removed by our experts. Depending on the case, stitches may be needed as well.

Excisional Lesion

An excisional lesion is performed by a specialist surgeon at Ecobeautica. The lesion is completely removed during this treatment. The skin area is also numbed and closed by stitches. If a large area of skin has been treated, a flap or graft of skin may be used to replace the removed skin.

Incisional Lesion

In this process, a large lesion is taken out for the purpose of examination. The problematic abnormal skin is taken out and sent for examination. If needed, stitches will be made as well. After the diagnosis is conducted, growth and treatment will take place by our experts.

Now is the time to look into Skin Lesion Removal

Remember, the purpose of skin lesion removal is to expunge an unsightly element that becomes a part of the skin growth. To ensure that the lesion is not cancerous or harmful and does not spread to other parts of the body, we make sure that customers coming to us are treated with full precautions and care. Visit us on Ocean Avenue between Kings Highway and Quentin Road or call us at 917-382-9200 ext. 1.