Color Therapy in Brooklyn, NYC

Color light therapy is an innovative spa service that dates back to ancient Egypt and China. Through different energy pathways, color can have an impact on the body physically. Color therapy healing could help improve your mood and restore your inner balance and harmony. It can also determine the root cause of your mood changes.

What is color therapy?

Color Light Therapy is a powerful, advanced procedure that can improve your mood and wellness with the direct impact of the energy of different colors. Every color has different properties and induces a different reaction on your body.

For example, muscles need energy to contract and move. If your muscles are fatigued, their energy is depleted and your muscles will cramp. Orange light will increase blood flow and energize the muscle. If the muscle was strained and is inflamed because of toxic buildup and increased lactic acid, violet light will relieve inflammation and reduce pain. Light color therapy and dark color therapy are used depending on each client’s request. For example, red colored light therapy is mainly used to cure muscles pain, anti-aging symptoms etc.

How does Color Therapy Work?

Colors create electrical impulses in our brain that entice hormonal and biochemical processes. Color therapy can help regulate biochemical reactions and can affect the magnetic fields surrounding you. Light rays are used as a gentle way to balance the body by stimulating and calming the energy points and energy flows in the body. This can be thought as a modern therapy based on traditional principles.

What you will get at Ecobeautica?

We at Ecobeautica are specializing in restoring balance to clients through the use of color light therapy. We help improve their energy levels so they can better enjoy life. We have modernized ancient methodologies of color light therapy to attain the maximized benefits of therapy. Not only do we provide therapy services but also consultation from highly professional experts on overall balance.

If mood changes are affecting your daily life, then look no further. Ecobeautica will get you the most effective care to promote wellness and spiritual harmony. We are located in Brooklyn on Ocean Avenue between Kings Highway and Quentin Road. Call us at 718-382-9200 ext. 1 to schedule your appointment with us!