Is your high blood pressure drug linked to cancer?

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Learn the negative effects of your blood pressure medication and discover alternative solutions.

High blood pressure is one of the most life-threatening illnesses in our country today. This condition can cause heart attack, stroke and other health problems. Hypertension is not to be taken lightly and must be treated with great care.

What causes high blood pressure? Your doctor may not know.

As many as 95% of patients diagnosed with high blood pressure are given no cause for their high blood pressure. Doctors claim the disease is idiopathic (meaning it has no known cause) and rather than find the cause, they turn to prescribing blood pressure lowering drugs. In the past, ACE inhibitors were used. But they were linked to too many side effects such as cough, swelling, high potassium levels or kidney failure.

An FDA-approved drug for high blood pressure was linked to cancer

The milder medications widely used are angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) which are approved by the FDA. However, in 2010, Lancet Oncology analyzed several studies that had been conducted, and found that people takings ARBs had an 11% greater risk of a new cancer and a 25% greater risk of a new lung cancer.

If you?re talking an ARB, you may be wondering? could there be another solution to this complex issue?  Would it be better to look into the underlying root causes of the ailment and why you are experiencing elevated blood pressure levels?

Three possible reasons for high blood pressure

Many doctors believe that there are three possible origins of hypertension which are:

  • Weight-related
  • Increased heavy metal burden
  • Electrolyte imbalance

A weighty subject

If you have weight-related high blood pressure, then losing weight is a guaranteed solution to lowering your blood pressure. If you are overweight, the first step is to find out why you are overeating. In our office, we check your digestive system and hormonal imbalances and check for the root cause. A diet plan can be designed for your specific needs to start your journey to getting your health back.

Heavy metal reaction

Heavy metals enter the body through food, water, or air pollution and build up in the soft tissues. High mercury exposure has a direct effect on your blood pressure. Mercury blocks the enzyme catecholamine-o-methyltransferase, which is responsible for adrenalin disposal. Therefore mercury blocks the breakdown of adrenalin. As a result, adrenalin piles up, and your blood pressure soars. Chelation therapy is used to remove the metals from the body. We check not only your levels of toxic metals but also the burden on your body to ensure you get treated in the most efficient way.

Are you light on electrolytes?

Electrolytes play a vital role in keeping your body balanced. Patients with high blood pressure need a lot of potassium. When people ingest processed salt like table salt, potassium gets replaced with sodium.  This makes your body cells swell, which results in high blood pressure. Unlike sea salt, which contains water, table salt is processed and does not have any water.  It attracts more water that stays in your body, leading to increased blood pressure. Taking a diuretic pill like hydrochlorothiazide or furosemide just takes away your potassium and creates a vicious cycle that offers no resolution. Could there be a better way to deal with this, such as adjusting your diet and digestive system function?

Why choose pills over precision?

At our office, we look into finding the precise reason for the high blood pressure and address the root cause of the problem, rather than just give blood pressure medications. If you believe your body deserves an alternative to more medicine, call us for a consultation.


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