Women Prefer Shopping Over Sex

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Stress and Sleep is The Cause

According to women?s website www.lemondrop.com,  women prefer shopping over sex. Wow. How did it happen? Sex is a basic instinct. It is in our nature to prolong life and create offspring. So how did it happen that women would rather be shopping than having sex? The answer is simple. There is too much stress in our lives and in our marriages and relationships.

Modern women are eclectic. They have successful jobs, they are under pressure from many aspects in their lives. Many juggle families and careers and this puts basic instincts on the backburners and offers shopping as an instant gratification, as well as a getaway.

A simple way to be less stressed is to get more sleep. I cannot stress enough how much more sleep can benefit every aspect of your life, nutritional, emotional, financial, professional. If you don?t have enough sleep, you can?t properly rest in the time that you are asleep. While you sleep there is a repair process going on. Part of that process is night dreams.

Normal sleep should contain night dreams but I find that many of my patients very rarely have night dreams. Dreams are created in order to solve unresolved daytime conflicts. It relieves pressures during the night as a natural defense mechanism to allow you to wake and feel in control of new conflicts that may arise.

Here are some easy tips to get a better, restful, sleep:

  1. No caffeine and no alcohol. Both suppress night dreams and keep you from properly resting.
  2. There should be absolutely no light through the night. Our body reads the light and reacts to it as if it were daytime. It fully wakes you when you shouldn?t be awake. Try to sleep in complete darkness: no alarm clock, no light from the window, no TV, no lights on in the bathroom.
  3. Go to bed early. One hour of sleep before midnight equals two hours of sleep after midnight. We have an internal clock that tells us to go to sleep at sundown and wake up at sunrise. We never listen to this clock.
  4. In order to correct your sleeping habits, you can try these tips. You can also come see us for a sleeping profile to see what needs to be corrected. Once you understand the problem, you can work to solve it with supplements, or other natural relaxing methods. If you have any other tips, please feel free to send them in. Visit www.doctorkalitenko.com for news, tips, tricks and more blogs on everything from sex and beauty to health and nutrition.

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