Why Your Child is at Risk of Sexting

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It is very easy now to get an image using your cell phone, and then send it by e mail. Just push a few buttons and it is done. The question is what image you are sending. If it is a photo of a few friends chatting peacefully -- it is ok. But what if it is an image of somebody naked?

Not good at all. What if it is an image of a naked child? Then things become even worse: may be interpreted as a child pornography which may be interpreted as a criminal offence.

What is the reason? Why your child may be doing that?

Sexting -- getting nude picture and then sending it by e mail -- can be explained by several factors:

  • Widespread use of modern cell phones made it very easy to get a picture and then send it by e mail.
  • No doubt, that natural interest of a teenager to human's body may be one of the ways to explore human's body.
  • Rising sexuality may be another factor, explaining why teenagers make pictures of naked human's body.

But why would a teenager be so interested in a naked body to the extent, that he or she makes a picture and e mail it to somebody? Is it just carelessness, inability to foresee the consequences or it is something else?

How about an unusually high sexual desire, which leads to the obsession with nudity as a substitute for real sex? Then we can explain this by drinking water contamination with estrogen like substances, coming out of plastic bottles and contaminating the water and soft drinks your child is consuming every day? The recent study showed that 60% of the bottled water was contaminated with estrogen like substances. But estrogen is one of the most potent stimulators of male's libido and may enhance female's libido also. So may be this is the explanation why your child is at risk of sexting?

If you have any thoughts about this problem, then share them with us.

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