Why People Fight With Their Loved Ones

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Common sense tells us that it cannot be us. Than what is it?

We all have somebody we love more than ourselves.  But our beloved sometimes becomes our victim when we cannot control ourselves.  And we know that they will most likely forgive us. Therefore, we may become abusive, emotionally or physically.  It is not good not only for us but for them as well.  But how does it happen that we can hurt somebody we love so much?  Is it us or is it something else?

Common sense tells us that it cannot be us. Than what is it?

Possible explanations why people can hurt their loved ones:

  •  Fear of dealing with a stressful situation or the inability to deal with possible stress can make you crazy and trigger the response you do not want.  This can happen if you have either a mild form of adrenal insufficiency called adrenal fatigue or full-blown adrenal insufficiency.  Reason: for coping with stress you need the stress hormone Cortisol that is produced in the adrenal glands. If you do not have enough Cortisol you are in trouble. Also, people with suboptimal cortisol levels tend to be pessimistic.
  • You might have too much Adrenaline in your system.  It can keep you on high alert all the time so that even a simple life situation you can consider a dangerous one.  

But why might you have too much adrenaline? Classic example: mercury toxicity. Do you have amalgam fillings (it contains mercury)? Most likely you do. So you might have mercury toxicity. Remember the ?Mad Hatter? from "Alice in Wonderland??  That phrase actually came from professional hatters, who made their products with mercury and became insane, or mad, over years and years of toxicity.

But what is the connection between mercury and you adrenaline?

Simple: Mercury blocks the enzyme Catecholamine O Mathyl transferase that breaks Adrenaline down, therefore allowing adrenaline to build up in your system.  As soon as its level goes too high -- you start answer back.  You should keep in mind that there are plenty of other possible reasons why you might have elevated Adrenalin level.  High thyroid function for example.  

How to balance your hormones naturally:

  •   Get enough sleep: early to bed early to rise... Dark room, no noise, decrease electromagnetic smog, etc.  During sleep your body repairs itself2.  Avoid unnecessary stress
  •   Find time to relax, go on vacation, meditate, etc
  •   Check your toxin levels like mercury, lead, arsenic, etc.  Get detox if needed.
  •   Make sure that you get enough nutrients: eat organic, raw food as much as possible.
  •   Make sure that you can digest the food you eat, because if you are not digesting properly nutrients from food are wasted.  You need to see a Functional medicine doctor to check and correct if needed.
  •   Stay away from poison sources like pesticides, lead, mercury poisoning sources, etc.
  •   Cut calorie intake if your weight is above optimal.
  •   Have more sex.
  •   Have more fun!

  Whatever the reason is, there is no excuse for abusing or being abused by your spouse or partner. Seek help right away if you are the victim of abuse.

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