What Can Be Done About Droopy Breasts

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Nobody argues that breasts are a very important part of a woman?s body. Therefore, maintaining their proper shape and consistency is crucial. The main hormone responsible for their texture as well as volume is estrogen.If a woman has enough estrogen, she can generate breast tissue to maintain its shape and density. However it is not always the case. Estrogen deficiency is probably the most important cause of breast shape, volume and consistency problems.

If there is no enough estrogen from the beginning, breasts are small after periods are started. If estrogen deficiency develops at menopausal age, it results in droopy breasts. What can be done? The first thing that comes to my mind is to replace missing estrogen with hormone replacement therapy. Of course I?m talking about hormones with the same molecular structure as our own for the safety reasons. Surgery is another option, but would you like to subject yourself to surgery risks? I think that hormone replacement should be tried first. Surgery should be the last resort.

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