Vitamins, supplements and nutrients: which brand to choose?

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So to choose the right brand you go to the Internet and "Google" the product.  And your search returns you so many results, that you?re overwhelmed. Almost each manufacturer claims, that their product is the best.  So how to choose the right product for you?

Even though the health product may be the best quality possible, Mother Nature is better. Therefore, instead of trying to figure out which pill is better, eat the right food because it contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need in the right form and in the right proportion. 

Example: Vitamin A is the only one form representing carotenes and carotenoids products and their derivates family. So if you choose to take vitamin A only, you?ll loose a lot of other carotens and acrotenois, which your body needs so badly.  This is why I advise my patients to rely on the right food, rather than on the over the counter pills. 

Of course, when I'm talking about the right food I mean "organic". If you have decided to take a pill in addition to the right food, then research the product you have chosen.  Go to and get the information you need. Do not rely on pills only, because if you are not eating the right food, you will not benefit from the supplements.  The reason: compare the small pill with a big hamburger with french fries form MacDonald's - which is bigger? Mother nature almost always knows better than us what we need.  In order to get optimum health, you need to be close to nature as much as possible.  Therefore eat good organic food and be well.

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