How Often Should You Have Sex?

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Sex frequency
Your activities between the sheets or elsewhere for that matter may also be life saving.

Recent studies have shown that men who have s.e.x 3 or more times a week have less incidence of heart attacks then those who do not. Another study discovered that having s.e.x twice weekly reduces men's chances of getting prostate cancer. Testosterone increase during sexual activity has been been found to be the reason for these  beneficial effects.  Of course the benefits of sex are not exclusive to men alone. Studies have shown that in women s.e.x also increases estrogen level which improves vaginal moisture, energy level, mood etc. So s.e.x is not only enjoyable but it's good for your health.  It's great news, but it begs the question: how often should we have s.e.x?

To be considered to be having s.e.x often, you would need to be having s.e.x at least 3 times a week according to many of these studies. So probably to be life saving, you should be having s.e.x at least 2-3 times a week.  It may not seem like much, but considering how busy modern life can be, how can we have a healthy amount of s.e.x? I would love for you to share your opinions, suggestions and stories about how you  manage to fit romance and s.e.x into your stressful and busy life.

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