Hormones Are Making You Crazy

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help

It?s become almost commonplace to say that we should be medicated. ?You?re crazy.? ?I?m Crazy.? ?We?re all nuts? These statements are more severe than we think. We assume that there is something wrong with us and we look immediately to medication to fix it. Our doctors prescribe something to calm us down, lift us up, help us become normal again. But what they don?t truly do, is look into the cause of our problems. Even a diagnosis of depression or anxiety can have an underlying physical cause that no one even gets to the bottom of. You see, not everyone who is crazy, is really crazy. Two reasons can be hormonal imbalance, or what we eat.

Hormonal imbalance, such as that which occurs during menopause, can cause us to feel so many emotions, running the gamut from happy to sad, hurt to upset. But it is possible to feel normal again, to control your emotions and stabilize them so we feel more in control of ourselves.

One possible method, and a very successful one at that, is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which helps us get back what we are missing, and what we lose with age. This treatment can make you feel younger, more in control and more positive in your life.

The other cause can be in your gut. Serotonin which is responsible for your mood, is produced in your gut. It is what controls mood, sleep and more. And it is what can make the difference between being ?crazy? or not. The key here is to take care of your gut. Make sure that it is functioning properly. Make sure you are moving your bowels regularly, turn to a more natural diet of meat, fruits and vegetables. Skip the carbs, wheat and dairy, they may not be good for you.

It is called the caveman diet. If the caveman didn?t eat it, there is no reason that you should. Take care of your body physically and you will see results as to what it can do for you mentally. This is not always a cure, but to be healthy throughout can never be harmful.

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