Fight the Causes of Bad Breath Bacteria

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Are you ashamed because of persistent bad breath? You are not alone. Persistent bad breath (called halitosis) affects up to 25% of the US population. This isn't the sort of bad breath caused by foods like garlic and onions, or smoking and alcohol. I?m referring about persistent bad breath regardless of the food you eat.{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}

Bad breath that isn't related to food is usually worse in the morning, because during the night your mouth is usually inactive. This makes it easier for bacteria to flourish and hence produce waste containing sulfur, which is usually the cause of the bad breath in morning. However, too much anaerobic bacteria are not the only cause of bad breath. Below are the most important causes of bad breath:

  1. An abundance of bacteria on the back of your tongue. Because of a lack of saliva there and relative inactivity, this is the ideal place of bacteria proliferation and hence producing the bad odor. Another commonplace are gingival pouches due to gingivitis.
  2. Sinus infection. This is the second common place for bad breath bacteria bacteria to flourish, thanks to widespread allergies. Because of allergic inflammation and hence swelling of the mucus membranes, there is plenty of liquid exudates which are the perfect food for halitosis-causing bacteria. There is no drainage of this fluid because of swelling and hence the clearance of this fluid is blocked.
  3. Liver disease. Without proper liver function you cannot clear your system of toxins.
  4. Kidney failure. Same as liver problems.
  5. Problems with the digestive system such as food accumulation in an esophageal pouch, which leads to food decaying and hence a bad smell.
  6. Some metabolic and endocrine diseases like Diabetes Mellitus.
  7. Cancer.
  8. Lung infections.

So what can be done about Halitosis?

  1. Go to your primary care physician to rule out sinus problems, kidney or liver disease, digestive system problems and cancer, endocrine and metabolic diseases.
  2. See your dentist to check for gum disease or other teeth infections like an infected root canal. Get treated if necessary.
  3. Avoid carbohydrates: simple carbs as well as complex ones. Carbohydrates are the best food for smell causing bacteria. If you do not feed them, they will die!
  4. Floss every day religiously.
  5. Stick with rough food like raw fruits and vegetables. This may help you to naturally clean the back of your tongue.
  6. Brush your teeth every day preferably between meals, not just after. There is some data that your enamel may be softer and hence more vulnerable just after meals.
  7. Make sure that your mouth isn't dry. Proper chewing may help. Remember, that piece of regular food should be chewed about 20 to 28 times. Make sure that you drink enough water.
  8. Mouthwash with herbs or essential oils may help because of their antimicrobial properties:

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