Don?t Just Blame Hormones, Gluten Too Can Shorten Your Sex Life

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Even though it is believed that with menopause and andropause comes a loss of libido, fertility and sex drive, it has been always assumed that the reason is due to a change in hormones.

However, a recent study is claiming that it may not be the only reason, and those high gluten foods, once again, is the culprit for our failing health! (1,2).

Moreover, the problem starts long time before menopause hits.  This problem affects the whole reproductive life of a woman, leading to miscarriages and premature birth.  This problem makes menopause more severe than in healthy women.  But what is it? What is this unknown enemy that can make such severe impact on women?s health?

How you function depends on how good your nutrient delivery system works. And where do you get your nutrients from?  Food!  Therefore if your digestive system is not working properly you are in trouble. What can cause such profound dysfunction in our era of refined foods, free of microbes, parasites and worms?

The enemy is just next to us.  It is wheat with gluten sensitivity, that may damage your gut, resulting in less vitamins, less proteins, less minerals, etc. Without enough microelements and vitamins your key enzyme systems, required for hormone production, cannot work properly.  The result is a hormone level decline.  Which hormone is affected the most? Estrogen!

This explains not only miscarriages and early menopause, but also severe menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, dry vagina, etc.

But this research studied women, suffering from the ultimate form of gluten sensitivity -- celiac disease.  What about milder forms ofgluten sensitivity symptoms, usually going unnoticed?  What about other gut problems like gut dysbiosis, leading to impaired estrogen removal from your body, resulting in estrogen dominance? The symptoms of estrogen dominance are quite disturbing: fatigue, insomnia, irritability, etc.

What needs to be done to support your Endocrine system and your sex Hormone production?

1.  Get enough nutrients by eating organic foods and follow Paleolytic diet.
2.  Eat as much raw food as possible.
3.  Consult your doctor about staying away from wheat and other gluten food to avoid.
4.  Check with your doctor if your gut is functioning properly.

  1. Do you have any bloating, diarrhea, gases, etc.?
  2. Were you diagnosed with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity?
  3. Are you suffering from premature menopause?


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