Does Exercise Prevents Breast Cancer?

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Try Doing Your Workout Outdoor

Good news! The scientists from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Harvard University found, that regular exercise helps preventing breast cancer in women. Explanation? So do we need to rush to the gym and run a few hours a day to protect yourselves from cancer? I doubt it.

As per my knowledge the most powerful cancer fighter is Vitamin D. So the link between exercise and cancer prevention might be as follows: More exercise -- more sun exposure -- more vitamin D -- more cancer protection.Bottom line: if you decide to do your workout, do it outdoors, not indoors. But not too much, because chronic skin sun exposure can lead to skin cancer.

I suggest no more than, then 15 -- 20 minutes sun exposure a day. But do not forget to make sure, that you have enough vitamin D in your body by taking supplements if necessary. Remember, that with age our ability to produce vitamin D  decline. So we have to take supplements.

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