Do we need hormone replacement therapy for menopause treatment?

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Offers You An Option

Lack of sleep and hot flashes can make your life a nightmare. Lack of libido and vaginal dryness may cause problems in your  life. No fun at all! So can we improve the quality of life?  Definitely! We do have treatments. The question is, how to solve the problem: antidepressants and sleeping pills or hormones?

Since the results of Women's Health initiative were published, the medical society and media put benefits of HRT in question. The reason: side effects.

The awareness of bio identical hormone replacement has changed the situation: now we know, that the main problem with synthetic and semisynthetic hormones is disposal.

Very simple: our body does not know, how to get rid of the synthetic hormones! The result -- toxic byproducts. Bio - identical hormones should not have this problem, because they are chemically identical to our own hormones. But what is the purpose of HRT? Does it really changes lives?

The recent study from the WISDOM research group, published in British Medical Journal confirmed, that Hormone replacement therapy can change the lives to the better. How?Hormone replacement therapy increases quality of life because it improves sleep and life while decreasing hot flashes and night sweats.  Sex life improves, while joint pains decrease.

Bottom line:  if you want to have more fun in your life, you can do nothing, or consume antidepressants with sleeping pills or take HRT. The choice is yours! If you have any thoughts or ideas about this matter please let us know.

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