Do We Need Another Diabetes Drug?

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A recent announcement by Pharmaceutical giant  Roche that they will launch their new diabetic drug Taspoglutide is supposed to be their blockbuster move. Another diabetic drug?Does this one do anything different for us than the others on the market?

Actually, no it doesn?t, and what we need to look at, is the fact that there is yet another diabetic drug on the market in the first place. Is this really going to help us? Something else that will manage our diabetes. Do we really think that the pharmaceutical companies are out to make us better, or does it make more sense that if they just make us well enough to keep taking their medication for the rest of our lives,it will be better to line their pockets.

We need to start thinking about the causes for our illnesses, to look to the root of our problems and find out what is making us sick, because the longer we live with it, and the more that we alter ourselves from nature, the less likely we will ever be able to return. Take for example someone who is obese and gets gastric bypass surgery. Sure, it is a solution, but look at how they have to live for the rest of their lives. They will never be able to take in nutrients the same way. They will never be able to live normally or digest normally. It is irreversible. So, do we really need new drugs for diabetes, or do we need to take better care of ourselves? The problem with almost all diabetic drugs is that they bring sugar down and hence the appetite up. That, in turn brings our weight up, never helping us with our diabetes. You always end up going back to the medication again and again. Try some of these tips to make us a little healthier and see what the benefits can be naturally.

  1. Eat healthy: fruits and vegetables,
  2. Lose weight,
  3. Eat organic,
  4. Get enough sleep,
  5. Avoid processed food,
  6. Avoid wheat, milk, alcohol, smoking and caffeine.
  7. Is it to get patients better or to save some money ( or earn more )?

We discussed several times that you will never ever go back to normal, if you  rely on drugs or surgery.

You have to pay a very high price for that. Is it about patient care or money?

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