Cleaning Our Ears: What Risks Do You Take

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Here's a tip: don't use q-tips
BATHROOM DANGER: Avoid Doing This When You Get Out of the Shower!

Would you ever use your finger to clean out your throat? Of course not. It's not natural. Well, neither is cleaning the inside of your ear with Q-tips or any other device that goes inside the ear.

When we place something inside our ear, we instantly damage the skin and introduce infection much more damaging than the dirt and wax that's naturally collected there. We are not designed to sustain the pressure of cleaning our ears. The wax inside your ear is actually a protector against water and infection. Because earwax is acidic and bacteria doesn't do well in acidic, it protects you.

Some of us clean our ears out every day, or after every shower, but you can be causing irreparable harm. The damage you can do is very severe and not worth it. Instead of ever going inside the ear, you can clean the outside every few days with a warm wet cotton ball.

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