Chronic Stress Could Lower Your Testosterone

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Too much stress
Studies Go Back and Forth on the Issue

If stress lowers testosterone, how come people in very high stress work places seem to have more of it?  Boosting your testosterone level may be good for sexual performance and this seems to be a well known theory. So, men look to keep their testosterone up, hoping that it will keep their sexual prowess at peak.

A study in London done in the last few years found that men who worked at the London stock exchange had a higher level of testosterone based on the amount of money they made. More money = more testosterone. The suggested explanation of this is that testosterone begets aggressiveness, resulting in more risky decisions. Another possible explanation is that thinking about money and sex ignites the same areas of the brain. Therefore there is the possibility that testosterone stimulates sex areas, which are at the same time the areas responsible for money making. But studies also show that stress can reduce testosterone levels.

How is that possible? One would assume that someone working as a broker is bound to be super-stressed? However, it is known that stress can work its way into cortisol and testosterone levels. So, it seems that may be while mild to moderately intense physical stress, as in sports and sex, may actually boost testosterone production, severe mental and emotional stress can inhibit it. So, it seems there is a debate on the issue.

How do you keep yourself healthy, and your levels right?

First of all, try to control stress in your life, eat right, sleep well and surround yourself with people who will add to your life not suck the energy out of it. Keep active. Testosterone is not just for fun, it is for survival.

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