Cancer as a Transmitted Disease?

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Can America's Top Killer Be Contagious?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal summarized something that isn't recent news, but brings an important point to the forefront: cancer could be contagious. In the article, the author talks about two specific types of cancers, both transmitted between animals, but which opens a whole new possible way of thinking.  It's not the cancer itself that we know among humans to be contagious, but rather certain viruses that are known links to specific types of cancers.

For example the HPV Virus, which is so incredibly common today. About half of the US men and women will have had HPV at some point in their lives. It is transmitted sexually, and now, HPV has been directly linked to cervical cancer. The same with the HIV virus. Though not as common as HPV, the HIV virus is a known cause of several types of cancer.

So, while it sounds incredibly scary, how is it that certain cancers are running rampant. Why is it that suddenly girls that are younger and younger are developing breast cancer? Why are the rates so incredibly on the rise? We may never know the direct answer, so what can we do to try to support our immune system; The key is to live a healthier lifestyle! We keep our immune systems busy doing things they shouldn't be doing like fighting off bacterias from bad foods, or trying to balance itself because of toxins, or trying to function normally because we don't get enough sleep or are too stressed.

None of these tips are going to keep us from getting cancer. There is no way to make yourself immune to it or to hide away from every toxin because there are so many ways that we can get cancers. But what we can do is protect ourselves as best we can from the known causes, and keep our bodies in a better state, so that we have a fighting chance. Maybe its that Food is killing us? What is the biggest source of exogenous toxins?  One way to stay healthy is to watch what we eat. Stick to a raw food diet, or as close as you can to one. Buy organic, wash your food before you eat it. How about you? Do you have cancer? Are you worried about the way your environment affects your chances of getting cancer? Are you taking care of your body?

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