Can you really trust the FDA and pharmaceutical companies

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FDA and pharmacological drugs
More Reports About Fixed Drug Company Studies

Drugs that give us a quick fix, medications from the drug companies, could be giving us more than we bargained for, as we are learning in the many examples where drug companies are not telling the truth:

The Department of Justice?s complaint against the lab that markets Celexa and Lexapro has once again brought to the forefront that drug companies may be hiding bad results of their medications, while only releasing the better data.

I don?t argue that we need drugs sometimes for a quick fix, but in the long run, natural solutions are the only thing that we can trust with our lives. was created to encourage drug companies to be open about their trials, may be helpful in finding some information, but shouldn?t be wholly trusted either.

Sometimes the Food and Drug Administration subsidizes studies, and we?ve seen before that those can?t always be trusted as well, but many studies are subsidized by the drug companies themselves.How much honest information can you expect? You can look naturally to find long term solutions, to find the root cause of a problem and help you get rid of it, rather than relieve symptoms temporarily with medication.

There are many things you can look to find where something is coming from:

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