Breast Cancer: A Battle You Never Expected

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Protecting Your Children Against Breast Cancer

Right now, the health care debate, as far as breast cancer and mammograms is concerned, is centered around women worried that they will no longer be covered for mammograms between the ages of 40 and 50. Scores of women came into the public eye to make announcements that if they had not been tested at 40, their cancer would not have been detected and they could have been dead by now.

The debate rages on, with the new published guidelines. But, what?s not so much in the public eye, and never has been, is the rising amount of young teenagers, or teens, with breast cancer. No one seems to be able to come to a consensus as to why women, younger and younger, are getting a disease usually reserved for those near or after menopause.

According to a story on, only about seven percent of breast cancer cases occur in patients under the age of 40. Check out the full story here: Though there is no way for sure to tell if you will get breast cancer or not, there are several printed guidelines as to what you can do to reduce your risks. Among those are

  1. maintaining a healthy weight,
  2. eating real foods like fruits and vegetables
  3. exercise
  4. limiting alcohol consumption.

Too much estrogen in the body as well as inflammation and lack of natural protection factors as vitamin D, for example, contributes to breast cancer risks. Checking how your body is at getting rid of excess estrogen can considerably helpful. This works by checking the gut, as it is the gut that estrogen elimination depends on. If the gut is working properly, the right bacteria is helping to get rid of estrogen.

There are tests available to see if estrogen is contributing to your or your child?s breast cancer risk, and they are available at our offices. It is possible to survive breast cancer at any age. Here is another uplifting story.

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