Is bloating a reason for your weight gain?

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What To Do When Even Lipo Can?t Help You Lose Your Middle

As a society we seem to always be concerned with how we look. And, actually, rightfully so. We are, in general, overweight and unhealthy. As a whole, our western culture gives us bad skin, pains, toxins, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, etc. But, you set yourself some goals this New Year. You were going to lose weight. And you did. But your belly still sticks out like a balloon. What?s going on here? Your arms and legs, shoulders and face look thinner, but your belly just won?t go away. Well, the answer is that you could just be bloated. Many times, you are assuming your still fat or that you need to ?tone up? but really you need to look into your diet.

There are mainly two body types in women. There is a pear-shaped woman, where the fat goes mostly to the hips. This fat distribution suggests a hormone imbalance. The second type is called apple-shaped and this is the one that is really dangerous. The fat is not in the hips but mostly in the belly.The easiest way to check your belly fat is to tighten your stomach and try to grab the fat from your belly. What do you notice? Can you feel a lot of fat? Well, the amount of fat that you can grab is proportionate usually to the amount of fat you can?t grab, what?s inside your belly?the really dangerous stuff. It?s here that liposuction won?t work. Liposuction is not going to make you healthier. Someone goes in for liposuction and the doctors take away the harmless fat, and a person assumes that they are healthier. Meanwhile, it is nothing but cosmetic.

A big belly can also be explained as bloating, or gas. While bloating can be a hormonal imbalance, it is not necessarily the case.  It?s very often the gut problem. Take for example something like beer. You put those kinds of carbs into your gut, and if  you have yeast or other bad bugs inside or other , you are getting a lot of gas. So, basically, it means that something is wrong in the gut. What?s interesting is that normal gas and normal stool should smell neutral, not really bad. May have a little bit of smell but not much. There is a reason for that smell.

A chromatography analysis will show that the reason for the unpleasant smell is a combination of methanethiol,  hydrogen sulfide and dimethyl sulfide  ( ), that is very toxic  ( ). Interesting enough, hydrogen sulfate is produced when protein is rotten. Even more interesting is that hydrogen sulfide is almost as poisonous as cyanide, one of the most toxic things we can come across.   Can you imagine how harmful it is to have so much toxic hydrogen sulfide in a bloated belly!

Just take a look here at how toxic hydrogen sulfide really is at the Agency of Toxic Substances and Diseases: So, what can you do? Well, you have to understand that this is not a normal situation. There is abnormal bacteria in your gut, not enough enzymes or regulation. You need to see a holistic doctor, because the truth is if it doesn?t smell right, there could be a big problem.

There are so many reasons why our bellies are unhealthy. The normal amount of stool for an American to make is four ounces, but on average, we make 8. We eat too much and can?t digest it. And because we cannot digest protein, it rots and isn?t absorbed into our bodies and the toxic gasses are the by product. At our offices, we can help you get back to natural health, help you get healthy gut, naturally.

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