Bioidentical Hormone Doctors Could Cure More Than Your Aging Problems

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Bioidentical hormones

The recent debates on Bioidentical versus traditional HRT treatments did not reveal how you benefit from anti aging medicine. Should you take bioidentical hormones, traditional drugs, or nothing?

Most of the debates did not give you the answer despite that proponents of both sides presented their arguments. Because bioidentical hormones are not the main issue. The real problem of traditional medicine is that it treats symptoms instead of eradicating the cause.

Here?s an example. A patient came to me who has had abdominal pain for years due to colitis, inflammation of the colon. We treated her with a simple change in her diet and after only a few days (!)her pain was gone without the medication.

The reason for her colitis was only that she was eating the wrong foods. We were able to eradicate the cause and save her a lifetime of medication and treatment.

This is functional medicine. Bioidentical doctors who practice anti-aging therapies are where you need to look because besides the bioidentical hormones they want you to be healthy and feel younger.


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