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Is Cheaper Doctor Better Than a Expensive One?

A recent article published on AOL discussed the new trend of pricing out doctors and services before heading out to get a procedure done. Several companies have recently been created to help patients become consumers instead when it comes to where they will get procedures done. So what do we think about this? Is bargain shopping OK when it comes to the health care you will get? Some people seem to think so. Just like shopping for a car, or clipping coupons, is health care on the verge of a completely different reform? Maybe we will start seeing patients in hospitals reviewing a menu of doctors and services before getting their gallbladders out, or have a c-section. The next step after that would be a list of medications that you need as well as a chart of what else can be offered as a substitute. We will have to become way more educated in medical decisions and procedures in order to know what we can pass on, and what we should go ahead and get done. Suddenly everything will become a sort of elective procedure. Would this be better? Up until now, we have always completely trusted doctors with our decisions.

If we have health coverage it?s easy, because it?s not really about what we pay, it?s about the services that we need to save our lives. And many doctors and hospitals run their businesses under this premise. Many times, if you are in the emergency room, you may find yourself with a bill, because even though the hospital might take your insurance, the doctor that bandaged your arm may not. It happens all the time. The hospital?s response? It?s not their job to tell you about insurance, it?s their job to save your life.True, but when that bill comes, for thousands of dollars, what are you to do?

Well, the truth of the matter is, choosing a doctor is like buying a car, because if you buy junk, you?ll get junk. You do need to spend more to get better service. Sure, you might be able to nickel and dime your way to savings, but you have to assume that the doctor is doing the same thing. Sometimes we look for sales when we go to the supermarket and that?s all fine, but what if something was half price but was expired? Would you still buy it? Of course not, because in the end your health and safety are more important than a sale item! The same should always apply to your health. Before looking at price, you need to look at service. Doctors often work on word of mouth and that seems to be the best service, because a trusted, knowledgeable, experienced doctor is what you really need!

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